The Fitness Centre Muscle Beach is the ideal place for developing your physical fitness to the full. It is located in Novi Beograd, on the ground floor of business complex GTC Fortyone. Inside the centre you’ll find a series of areas to suit the particular goal you’re aiming for, whether this is cardio, stretching, strength, functional fitness, etc.
Besides daylight, new equipment and high level of hygiene, all members are provided with parking space and other commodities (WiFi, 4 shower cabins, wide locker rooms – so that members can work out before or after work hours).

Muscle Beach has gym space (200m2), both male and female locker rooms, information desk, relaxing space, room for group trainings (110m2) and another room (70m2) for yoga and pilates lovers.

The centre is fully equipped with the most advanced technology supplied by the Technogym brand, providing maximum optimisation, both for guided strength work and for cardiovascular training.

If you want to train in a group, the centre also offers a wide range of instructor-led activities including hatha yoga, power yoga, vinyasa & ashtanga yoga, joga for beginners, pilates, cardio box, cross box, pump, zumba, good morning workout, total conditioning, TBW etc. To make sure that group trainings fit you, choose one program and try it for free!

First class is free of charge.