Functional training

Classes: Monday and Wednesday at 8:00pm (60min); Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45pm (45min); Saturday at 11:00am (60min)
Instructors: Sanja Selaković; Ivana Milovanović

Functional training is a kind of physical activity, which includes natural forms of movement, which accelerate metabolism and it brings numerous benefits to the body. Techniques carried out in functional training are extremely simple. With the right trainer, it will be enough just once for the exercise to be done properly, after which we start to use our muscles and body more efficiently. Jumps, lunges, various types of pushups and many more are used. All functional training exercises are designed with the goal of activating out muscles in a simpler way, solving the problem we have and quickly reaching the desired results. Adapted to everyone, this type of training will enable you to achieve your goals, whether it’s fat reduction, muscle mass, deformation, maintenance of muscle tone, etc. Functional training increases muscle mass, endurance, strength, and speed, improves flexibility and range of movement, strengthens the cardiovascular system, accelerates metabolism, melts fat deposits, helps in injury prevention and rehabilitation, improves body holding, facilitates daily work and activities.

Duration of training: 60 i 45 min