Metabolic workout

Classes: Tuesday and Thursday at 17:15h
Instructor: Sanja R.

This is a high intensity training, the most important characteristic is energy consumption both during and after exercise. By exchanging cardio and strength exercises, the entire musculature is engaged, while short breaks between the series affect the higher oxygen consumption, which leads to calorie burnout even after training. The advantage of this program is that the length and intensity of the training can be adjusted to different exercisers’ levels; it can be based on time or the number of repetitions.

Duration: 45 min.
Level of intensity: 2-3

FBW - Full Body Workout

Classes: Monday and Wednesday at 17:15h
Instructor: Ljiljana J.

Medium or high intensity program, depending on the usage of different equipment and exercises that engage the exerciser’s own weight. It is designed for people who prefer dynamic and energetic program which is followed by music that improves the atmosphere and makes it easy to reach the desired goal. It will provide better physical form, shape the body, increase muscle strength and also improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The programe is suitable for all age groups!

Duration: 60 min.
Level of intensity: 1-3

TBW - After work party & pound

Classes: Friday at 17:15h
Instructor: Jasna

The combination of cardio and strength exercises with the uplifting music, especially after a busy day, will help you release stress in combination with a new program that is inspired by drumming. Some of the basic exercises for the lower part of the body, which are an integral part of the fitness program, are enhanced by activating the upper part of the body by simulating drumming. With specific sticks created for Pound, you give your own stamp to every tune.

Duration: 60 min.
Level of intensity:1-3


Classes: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:15h
Instructor: Sara

Unique body shaping program done with set of different weights and a specially designed bar. The program is ideal for practitioners of all levels of readiness and involves strength training through which strong and tight musculature is achieved in a short period of time. It can also be used as supplement training to other programs. Each training is a challenge for the practitioners because the principle of repetition affects both strength and endurance, but the monotony of training that involves classical work with weights is avoided.

Duration: 60 min.
Level of intensity: 1-3

Gluteus abdos

Classes: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:30h
Instructor: Marina

Gluteus abdos is a program suitable for all age groups, mostly based on strength and shape exercises with emphasis on the lower part of the body. After worming up, practitioners switch to shape and strength exercises for core muscles, gluteal part and legs. The program is very popular among ladies due to numerus exercises for lower body parts.

Duration: 60 min.
Level of intensity: 1-3

Cardio box

Classes: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:15h
Instructor: Sanja P.

Cardio Box is a highly intensive program that improves body coordination, aerobic endurance and functional ability while reducing subcutaneous fat tissue. Dynamic choreography includes hand and foot strokes on the punch bag, as well as strength exercises independent from the punch bag that are effective for toning muscles. Regular training brings an enviable condition, and the muscles become stronger and spindle shaped.

Duration: 60 min.
Level of intensity: 1-3


Termini: Thuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 18:15h
Instructor: Vlada

If you are a fan of dance and Latin rhythms, and also want to combine both by exercising, then Zumba is a real program for you. The combination of aerobic training and various dance styles such as Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, samba and Merengue, positively affects the cardio-respiratory system. Also, this way of interval training consumes much more calories than physical activity of a constant-uniform character.

Duration: 60 min.
Level of intensity: 1-3

Cross box

Classes: Tuesday and Thursday at 20:30h, Saturday at 12h
Instructor: Ivana M.

Cross Box is a group program that includes the basics of martial arts, with elements of functional and condition training. Training is done on punch bags, practicing foot and hand stroke techniques.

Over time, general endurance improves, the body is shaped and the subcutaneous fat tissue decreases, and in addition, the program is excellent for the elimination of negative energy and stress. In the first part of the class, the accent is on physical condition, while in the second part , the exercises that shape and strengthen the whole musculature are practiced. The program is recommended for more experienced practitioners.

Duration: 60 min.